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Metal Sculptor

When I create I think about art’s most precious qualities: been used as self-expression; and beauty, which is forever its essence. Content is always an intent to simplify the figuration and magnify thoughts and feelings which is always a challenge to describe using steel..


Sandra Garcia Pardo, Metal Sculptor

Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Sandra Garcia- Pardo has been involved in art since early years while she joined different artistic experiences in her country such as the School of Fine Arts, private art classes and Publishing Design at the university. After being granted a governmental scholarship, she moved to Argentina to finally materialize her dream getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at “Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Prilidiano Pueyrredón”, the most prestigious art school of Argentina located in the city of Buenos Aires.

Latest Sculpture!


At Buffalo Creek Art Center I was able to transform my piece “Joy”, which was part of the series “Little Secrets”, into a 10 feet outdoor sculpture. The ranch is located in Gardnerville, Nevada, and its gorgeous landscape inspired my days allowing me to work undisturbed and to concentrate on the fabrication process of my sculpture. “Joy” is now part of the sculpture park at the ranch.

Protector or Predator

Our highly and continuous participation in various forms of life cannot be ignored. Many entities and communities are more and more committed to choosing ecological options towards mitigating the destruction of our planet.

Metal Art Work

Some of the Art Work I have done over the past years


132 NW 36th St Miami, FL 33127
Wynwood Art District