Sandra Garcia Pardo, Metal SculptorWhen I create I think about art’s most precious qualities: been used as self-expression; and beauty, which is forever its essence. Content is always an intent to simplify the figuration and magnify thoughts and feelings which is always a challenge to describe using steel.
I put together my creativity and the amazing welding process: I sketch but I also play with metal pieces on my work table; compositions come in both ways. I enjoy the benefits of industrial welding using raw steel, applying different patinas or paints to achieve austere works of art, but aesthetically pleasing to the sight, keeping simplicity on my pieces, no ornaments, just honest.
When I investigate the role of art in provoking social awareness I use parody and abstraction for cultural references. I want my sculptures become a mirror where people can see projections of their own reality, generating an unforgettable moment for the observer right in front of my piece.