The Bags of the Vanities

What price would a woman be willing to pay for having a Chanel portfolio, a Hermes or Louis Vuitton bag? USD $ 14,000 USD $ 65,000, USD $ 260,000? Those are at least some prices that some of them have paid. And if we had the opportunity to ask point-blank the reason of her purchase, she would certainly reply with a simple tacit conviction because it is a Vuitton, a Hermes, a Chanel.

Why not? After all, behind a name there is always a prestige and entire economic system of production. The rest are marketing techniques and common sense, because if there is an object of desire in one side of the window,  there is always a buyer in the other side that wants it. I wonder at what point an article of female fantasy ceases to be an everyday object and becomes an element of exclusivity? While many products deserve recognition for their quality, durability, performance, etc.., others are simply luxurious, extravagant, ridiculous and sometimes ugly, and reach prices that are beyond reason.

My new series, “The Bags of the Vanities” is a criticism of the astronomical prices the famous brands ask for their products to the point of playing to the buyer’s ego of those expensive products, because they are perceived as exclusive use of the wealthy and powerful, besides wanting to “radiate glamour and wealth those who use them. This series of sculptures is an invitation to think about the fetishes surrounding a luxurious article, so when we have some of them on our shoulders, do not fit so well the usual words of Ecclesiastes: “Vanity of vanities; all is vanity. “