Little Secrets

“Little Secrets” series is an endless series of small sculptures that do not keep any style in particular, since these pieces are just representations of events related to a past time in my life, from the day I was created until yesterday. There is not secret itself to tell in the pieces, but stories. The secret in it consists in how I saw something at some moment, while I wondered if everybody or someone saw it in the same way; the secret is the fear to be different in the look from inside me to the outside world seen by a human alien, me: the woman, the artist, the child, the adult, the teen, the coward, the brave, the passionate, the dull, moments, memories, thoughts, feelings that happened at any time in my past. Old days, recent years, colors of my childhood, mischievousness, quiet moments, laughs, fears, peace, ideas, pain, innocence, lies, disappointment, tenderness, anger, love, dreams. To summarize, what I have thought and didn’t tell. Did it happen to you too?

Sizes and Processes: Unpredictable materials, processes, dimensions or inspiring origin.